The powerpoint files of talks (click the title) with all available abstracts are now available.


October 28, Thursday

Myung Gyoon Lee, Formation of Galaxies in Clusters                               

Yasushi. Suto, Pursuing Signatures of the Cosmological Light Cone Effect   

Kazuhiro Yahata, Baryonic Signature in the Large-scale Clustering of SDSS Quasars

Ue-Li Pen, PAST: Cosmology Using the Epoch of Reionization                    

Kin-Wang Ng, Probing the Reionization with CMB                                     

Ravi Sheth, The Halo Model of Large Scale Structure                               

David Turnshek, Probing the Universe with Quasar Absorption Lines        


October 29, Friday

Chung Wook Kim, A Review of Dark Energy                                                

Yasushi Suto, Highlights of Recent SDSS Sciences by JPG                         

Mariangela Bernardi, Galaxies Properties in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey       

Myeong-Gu Park, Gravitational Lensing with SDSS                                       

Ravi Sheth, Large Scale Structure in the SDSS                                              

Changbom Park, Topology of Large Scale Structure

David Turnshek, Intrinsic Properties of Quasars: Testing the Standard Paradigm