All talks will be held in the International Conference Hall, KIAS.


Dale Brownawell (PennState) Introduction to Bounds in Transcendental and Algebraic Numbers
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Rida Farouki (UCDavis) Robust Geometric Design
Mike Shub (UToronto) Condition Numbers and Solution of Systems of Equations
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Invited Talks

Sung Woo Choi(KIAS/Duksung Women's U) Applications of Transcendental Zero Bounds to Geometric Computation [Click for slides]
Myong-Hi Kim (SUNY,Old Westbury) Properties of Path Following Method for Roots of One Variable Polynomials.
Dan Richardson (Bath) A Zero Test for Exp Log Constants [Click for slide][Click for paper]
Vikram Sharma(INRIA,Sophia-Antipolis) Robust Approximate Zeros in Higher Dimensions
Joris van der Hoeven (U Paris-Sud) Zero-tests for differentially algebraic functions
Jan Verschelde (UIC) Solving Polynomial Systems by Polyhedral Homotopies [Click for Slides]
Dongming Wang (CNRS/BUAA/USTC) Ideal and Radical Ideal Membership Test: Algorithms and Applications
Chee Yap (Courant/KIAS) On Zero Problems in Real Computation [Click for Slides]
Martin Ziegler (U Paderborn) =1? The Word Problem for Presented Groups