Recent academic activities


13-14. Aug. 2015. International Conference 'Cosmic Spacetime, Human Spacetime' (Link) (Conference Homapage)

30. Jul. 2015. 2nd Symposium on 'Philopoetics of Spacetime' (Link)

23. Jul. 2015. 8th Invited Lecture on 'Reconceptualization of Plato's Chora in Social Theory' (Link)

16. Jul. 2015. 7th Invited Lecture on 'Life and the Aspect of Spatiotemporal Existence' (Link)

25. Jun. 2015. 6th Invited Lecture on 'Spacetime in Architecture' (Link)

18. Jun. 2015. 5th Invited Lecture on 'Mathematics of Space' (Link)

8. Jun. 2015. 4th Invited Lecture on 'Spacetime in Media Art' (Link)

28. May 2015. 3rd Invited Lecture on 'Time as Rhythmic Synthesis' (Link)

7. May 2015. 2nd Invited Lecture on 'Spacetime in East-Asian Natural Philosophy' (Link)

30. Apr. 2015. 1st Symposium on 'Spacetime in Philosophy and in Physics' (Link)

30. Mar. 2015. 1st Invited Lecture (Link)