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    How to reach KIAS 

    To come to KIAS from Incheon airport you can either take Limousine bus, taxi or subway. But taking airport limousine bus is the most easiest and convenient way. The details are given below:

    1. To take a airport limosine bus "Dobong-Gangbuk"

    a. The bus stops, named as "3B" or "10A", are located in the 1st floor of the arrival area of the airport. You can buy a ticket at the nearby bus ticket booth. The fare is 13,000 Won. The foreign currency is not accepted.
    b. The bus departs every 20~40 minutes. The first bus at the airport departs at 06:00 and the last bus at 22:00. At the bus stop, you have to take the limousine bound for "Dobong-Gangbuk", which takes about 1 hour and a half to the Hotel "Holiday Inn Seongbuk" (ask this before you get on the bus). If you want to get more information, please visit here .

    2. To get off the bus at "Hotel Holiday Inn Seongbuk"

    It would be better for you to tell the bus driver that you are heading to "Hotel Holiday Inn Seongbuk" and to ask for a notice when the bus reaches the destination. (Actually, the Korea University stop, one stop before Holiday Inn, is better as you can see in the map here .)

    3. To reach to "KIAS"

    a. Cross the main street (to the gate of Holiday Inn), and take a taxi. (Take a taxi on the spot you get off in case you get off at the Korea University stop.)
    b. Show "Map for Taxi Driver" to the taxi driver since most drivers cannot speak english. Please print out this map, mark number 1 (KIAS building) and show it to the taxi driver, who will then know where you are headed. It takes about less than 10 minutes.
    c. Note that there are two kinds of taxies: luxurious one (black) and regular one (not black). For regular one, the fare will be around 3,000 Won to KIAS while that of the luxurious one is about twice. Take a regular one.

    For participants who arrive at Seoul late at night, the convenient bus route to KIAS is bound to "Cheongryangri". The bus number is "6002" and the bus stop at the airport is No."5B" and "12A". The fare is 9,000 Korean Won and the bus departs every 30 minutes. The first bus at the airport departs at 04:30 and the last bus at 23:15. You can get off at Cheongnyangni stop and take a taxi to KIAS. To KIAS, it will cost about 2,000-3,000 Won. Each taxi has a taximeter showing the cost which grows with the distance and elapsed time.

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