Dark Energy Lectures  by Yong-Seon Song(KIAS)

Lecture I: Dark energy I - Discovery of cosmic acceleration and challenge to our understanding of nature.

Lecture II: Dark energy II - Diverse theoretical models and cosmological tools to falsify those models. 

Our understanding of the laws of physics we gained on Earth has been challenged by cosmological observations of the accelerated expansion of the Universe. In order to establish a cosmological standard model without inconsistencies between observations and known physics, it is unavoidable either to assume the presence of as yet undetected dark materials filling 95% of the energy of the Universe, or to modify some of the fundamental laws of physics such as Einstein's General Relativity. The information on the underlying physics of the Universe is provided by looking at the formation of the large scale structure (LSS) of matter in the Universe. While current observations have revealed the breakdown of our knowledge of physics on cosmological scales, the future observation of the LSS will provide a clue to reveal the nature of the late-time cosmic acceleration; which part of our physical picture should be modified - matter or gravity, and how it is modified. We review;

1) Lecture 1: The current evidence of cosmic acceleration, proposed theoretical models to explain dark energy, and implication of cosmic acceleration in our knowledge of physical science. (one hour)

2) Lecture 2: Classification of different theoretical models, detectability of each theoretical model, dark energy or modified gravity, and planned future experiments to observe dark energy. (one hour and half)